The St Antony’s Graduate Common Room Committee is a democratically elected group of people who ensure the Graduate Common Room of the College runs efficiently and effectively.


    It is known that there were 7 students when St Antony’s opened its doors in 1950. From that day on St Antony’s attracted brilliant students from all over the world. As C.S. Nicholls (2000) has pointed out in her History of St Antony’s College Oxford, 1950-2000:
     For many students the college was a fascinating mixture of cosmopolitanism and 1950s Britishness. British students, in particular, were struck by the number of foreigners, especially Frenchmen. In 1953 seven students were French and seven British; together they comprised half the college’s resident student body. Of the others three each came from Belgium, Israel, Germany and the United States; while Canada, Czechoslovakia, Iraq, Italy and South Africa were all represented by one student [220-1].
     Nowadays, this is even more true since St. Antony’s College is the most cosmopolitan of the seven graduate colleges of the University of Oxford! And, from the creation of a common room in 1964 to today, successive GCR committees have always shown the same motivation to represent as good as possible the diversity and the multiculturalism of their members through a series of ideas and initiatives, and a number of traditions and events, which have transformed not only the GCR but the entire College.


    St. Antony's College has a reputation for being one of the best graduate communities in Oxford and not without reason! We have an incredible variety of people coming together from all over the world and who all bring something unique. I absolutely love how cultures and stories from all over the world are concentrated in one place. Our diversity is key to who we are and is very helpful when we are organising our language immersion nights to help members learn languages!


    Myself and the rest of the GCR Executive are lucky enough to call ourselves the elected leaders of this community. Together, we organise social events, academic conferences, welfare events and much more. We have developed something of a name for our famous BOPs and highly successful (and reasonably priced!) Late Bar. It is my hope that, over the course of 2016/2017, Antonians will continue in their proud tradition of thought provoking academic events, charitable initiatives, and enthusiastic socials.


    Over the next year, it is my hope that the GCR can make itself a more efficient organisation financially, ensuring we can provide the maximum funding for our clubs, societies and events. I will also work hard to improve the student life in St Antony's - from infrastructure to academic and social events. I am also hoping to work with the College to ensure that upcoming legislations, such as the PREVENT legislation, do not negatively affect students' ability to host incredible people as guest speakers, nor affect the critical discourse that we should have here in Oxford. Given the brilliance of this year's elected officials and the strength of their various plans and ideas, I predict a fantastic year for St. Antony's.


    Please feel free to email me on GCR-President@sant.ox.ac.uk with any questions, concerns or ideas.


    Emilia Antiglio

    Hi and welcome to St Antony's! I’m a second-year MPhil candidate in Social Anthropology - specialising in law & ethics in Southeast Asia - and your president for the upcoming year. When I’m not in the library, you’ll usually find me working behind the bar, rambling about rowing in the buttery or generally running around, coffee in hand. I'm very committed to having an open -door policy, so please come to me if you have any questions, issues, or ideas for the college - I'm here to help! (we can talk about things, too)

    Byron Arthur Clark

    I completed my BA Humanities at Stellenbosch University in South Africa. After a year studying dance at the Waterfront Theatre School in Cape Town, I returned to university to do a BA Honours in Philosophy, which was completed on exchange at the University of Amsterdam. Before coming to Oxford I worked in the publishing industry in for two and a half years, in Cape Town and Johannesburg. But after all of that I have finally decided that I am an academic at heart! I'm studying an MSc in Social Anthropology. I am responsible for communication both within the GCR Exec and Committee and outwards to our GCR student body. I also take a keen interest in our transparency and accountability, and in keeping us in line with our constitution.


    I am not nearly as serious as I sound, and can be found in the bar far too often than is likely healthy for me. I am usually the one dancing wildly and slightly inappropriately in the centre, sometimes entirely by myself. I do love my pirouettes and spins.

    Eva Akimova

    I am a first-year DPhil student at the sociology department. My current research aims to combine social science and molecular genetic research. Particularly, I am wondering whether people’s genetic predispositions of certain psychological and physical abilities influence their decisions & experiences in the labour market.


    I grew up in Central Asia, studied and lived in Moscow after. This is my second year in Oxford at St. Antony’s. Apart from genetics we can have endless talks about ATP tournaments, rowing, and Russian literature, especially during my shifts at our Late Bar.

    Moritz Poll

    I am a second year MPhil Candidate in Economics with an interest in economic development and migration. My current work deals with the timing of return migration after conflicts. I grew up in Germany, studied in the Netherlands, the US (briefly) and now in Oxford. Beside my commitments as VP academic, I am a passionate rower, photographer and traveller.

    Kelly Tse

    Hi! I am a DPhil student in English. I work on imperial/colonial atrocities and the ethics and politics of their representation in contemporary Asian literature. My broader research interests lie in world literature, global modernity, gender studies and continental philosophy. When I'm not reading or writing, I am a Baudelairean flâneur who revels in sauntering the city!

    Emma Troop

    Bio coming soon!

    Jiashun Huang

    I am Jiashun Huang, a DPhil student in Geography and the Environment. I would like to work on issues relating to disability, equal opportunities, environmental issues, accommodation, financial hardship, and physical and psychological health of the student body. I cooperate with the Co-VP for welfare, Women's Officer, Men’s Officer, LGBTQA Officer, Sports Officer, BME Officer, Environmental Officer and the Social Action Coordinator. As a Co-VP Welfare, my goal is to work with the GCR committee to make our GCR members get more involved in college life and provide our College with better and more sustainable welfare support.

    Jonathan Raspe

    I am a second year MPhil student in Russian and East European studies, with a particular interest in nationalities policy and multiethnicity in the Soviet Union. As your VP Social, I especially look forward to board games nights, where you will find me busy defending my title as self-proclaimed Settlers of Catan champion of this college.

    George Fforde

    Social Secretary of Events

    I'm a second-year MPhil in Russian and Eastern European Studies. Originally from Melbourne, 'Straya, I'm also a keen rower and amateur thespician. When I was a little boy, my mother took me on her knee and said, 'George my son, the world is a beautiful place. You must go into it and try to love everybody. You must try to make everyone happy, and bring peace and contentment everywhere you go...'

    And so... I became a Social Secretary

    Stephanie Odiase

    Social Secretary of Dinners


    Hello! My name is Stephanie. I am a MSc Candidate in Evidence-Based Social Intervention and Policy Evaluation. Before Oxford, I received my undergraduate degree in Psychology from Columbia University. I also conducted research for NYU and the World Bank in the fields of applied developmental psychology and social policy. On the GCR, I am responsible for all things formal dinner related, so I look forward to sharing a lovely meal with all of you!

    Jenny Hall

    Co-LGBTQ+ Officer

    I am a second year MPhil in Comparative Government and I am interested in the politics of LGBT+ policies, specifically within the realm of education. I am a part of the LGBT+ community and always interested in looking for ways to make spaces more inclusive. You'll find me in college, either working in the Buttery, swiping in the dining hall, or pulling (drinking) pints behind (in front) of the bar. I'm also part of the peer support network of "Rainbow Peers" so I am fully trained to support any issues relating to identity/questions either personal or close to you.

    Persia Hayley

    Co-LGBTQ+ Officer

    I'm a second year Mphil Comparative Government. Born in London, next to SOHO, I spent my teens sneaking into the city's gay bars and G-A-Y Heaven every Friday night. Part of the rainbow community and ready to spread love, good vibes and mediocre advice...


    Claire Dowling

    Co-Women's Officer

    Bio coming soon!

    John Bartlett

    Co-Sports Officer

    I’m an MSc Latin American Studies student from the UK - and one half of your sports committee! I am currently working on abstentionism in contemporary Colombian democracy and am interested in economic integration and international cooperation in the Western Hemisphere. I am a very active sportsman and am keen to increase participation and opportunities for fellow Antonians across a range of sports. I also co-captain the winless SAFC, although we are hoping our luck changes in 2017.

    Margot Gagliani

    Co-Sports Officer

    Hello! I am an MSc student in Comparative Social Policy with a background in economics and a particular interest in social mobility studies. Born and raised in Switzerland, my first sports related experiences were skiing down the Alps and playing floorball – never too successful, but always having fun. I believe that sports should be inclusive and that there is a physical activity for everyone out there.

    Julie Yamamura

    Social Action Coordinator

    Hello! I am a first year MPhil student in Comparative Government. Born and raised in Japan, I spent 6 years at a Canadian international school (yes, such a thing exists) in the outskirts of Tokyo and did my undergraduate studies in Toronto, so you can call me half Canadian in spirit. I will be coordinating engaging charitable activities so that every Antonian can have tons of fun for a good cause!

    Jawad (Muhammad) Noon

    Bio coming soon!

    Katherine Tyson

    Co-Environmental Officer

    Hi Antonians! I’m one of your Environment Officers here to make St. Antony’s a greener college. I’m from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada and I’m hoping to bring some of the green ideas I grew up with to St. Antony’s. If you want to get involved in making this college a green leader of the university, please feel free to contact me! We’re always looking for more people to get involved, or to just point out areas that we could improve as a college.


    I’m a student over at the Department of Politics and International Relations (DPIR) in my first year of the MPhil in IR program, with an interest in International Political Economy of institutions coordinating Global Public Goods. In my spare time I can be found drinking copious amounts of coffee, poorly singing at karaoke, or binging on Netflix/anime.

    Vincent Daunizeau

    Co-Environmental Officer

    Bio coming soon!

    Leonie Harsch

    Co-Director of Research Exchange &

    Global Languages

    I’m an MSc candidate in Migration Studies with a background in Literary and Near Eastern Studies. Doing an interdisciplinary course and being a language enthusiast myself, I look forward to creating opportunities for us to learn from each other and to see things from new perspectives.


    Ibrahim Khan

    Co-Director of Research Exchange &

    Global Languages

    I’m an MSt student in Islamic Studies and History, most recently from Houston, and my interests range across law, history, politics, literature, and philosophy. I’m looking forward to many fascinating conversations on how to use our research to make the world a better place :)

    Olya Homonchuk

    Bar Manager

    Bio coming soon!


  • Follow what the VP Academic has in store for you this term!

    Research Exchange Network

    Group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1015302781848566/


    Join the St Antony’s Research Exchange Network! Describe your research interests in a few keywords, find out what other people are doing, and get in touch! Find the group here.


    This initiative is intended to make it easier for St Antony’s students to find peers working on similar topics, but from different disciplinary or regional perspectives. While it is easy for most of us to find our academic peers who are working on the same region (at the area studies centres), it is more difficult to find peers working on the same topic, but in a different regional context or discipline, and exchange thoughts with them. This forum is intended to facilitate making connections with your ‘thematic peers’. The idea is that you post a few keywords on what you are doing research on in the group, so that others doing research on the same topic can find you and get in touch.


    The Facebook group is meant to gauge interest for the initiative, so for now, it is meant to connect you to your peers, so you can have discuss your work over a coffee or beer at St Antony’s Café or Late Bar. We encourage you to use the forum as a way to set up panels for St Antony’s Interdisciplinary Graduate Research Conference on May 5th.

    Stay tuned for more information!


    Language Immersion Nights

    Mondays Weeks 1-8, 8pm-9pm

    St Antony's Late Bar


    Group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1383370801984380/


    Practice your language skills with your peers in the informal setting of the St Antony's Late Bar! Gain proficiency in one of the languages offered by our student volunteers who are native or near-native speakers.

    How does it work? Simply respond to the weekly polls posted on this Facebook group every week, indicating the language you want to practice, or adding the language you want to offer.


    Please get in touch with Kishan Patel, the GCR Director of Global Languages, via kishan.patel@sant.ox.ac.uk if you have any questions.


  • Formal Dinners

    We host 3 formals at St Antony's and have 3 exchange dinners with other Colleges each term!

    Formal Dinners, 6.30pm at the CCR and Exchange Dinners, 6pm at the Porter's Lodge.


    Formal Dinners have a special place in academic and social life at Oxford taking on lots of different forms across colleges. Our Formal Hall is student-run and we try to make it a fun and fancy night out several times a term. It is a fantastic chance to dress up and enjoy the company of fellow Antonians, your guests and members from visiting colleges over an exquisite dinner with wine, music and a whole new air to the Hall. The evening usually begins with a champagne reception in the CCR and ends in our beloved Late Bar.


    Exchange dinners with other Colleges have a long tradition at Oxford that we foster by inviting other Colleges to our Formal Halls and visiting them for a dinner in return. It is a great way to meet members of other Colleges in a more intimate setting, visit their dining halls and spend a lovely evening together.


    Usually on a Saturday

    Hilda Besse Building, 9pm


    "BOP"s ("party" - one of those Oxford words) are definitely the biggest social events we have at St. Antony's and normally take place twice a term. Basically consisting of lots of dancing and drinks, we often pair up with Oxford University societies to offer particular themed BOPs.

    Friday Nights


    Late Bar, 9pm


    When there's not a BOP on, we try to compensate by having an event on Friday. Friday nights don't really have a recurring theme; we've welcomed societies for smaller parties, held charity events, had open mic nights, and even hosted a sit-down Turkish meze evening!


    Check back later (and keep an eye on the GCR Facebook page) for more details!

    Organising Events

    Friday/Theme Night GCR Booking Form (for student groups)


    If you have an idea for an event please get in contact with the VP Social ASAP. There is a procedure in place for planning that should be followed, but we welcome new concepts and societies for events. 


    The forms above will help you with the process of planning an event at St Antony's.


  • Keep up to date with what you can do to maintain a healthy body and healthy mind

    Welfare Tea & Cake

    Sunday afternoons, 5pm, Buttery

    Come along and take a break from your studies with some afternoon tea. Grab a nice hot cuppa', a biscuit (or two, or three, or ten...) and unwind with your fellow Antonians.



    Open 24h for students - £15/year

    We have gym on-site which can be kept clean and updated thanks to the contributions of students. We aim to have users pay £15 a year by signing up with this form and the fee will be included in their next Battels statement. You will also need to have completed a safety induction and have certification on file with the Accommodations Office.

    Please contact the GCR Treasurer (gcr-treasurer@sant.ox.ac.uk) for further information about gym membership.


    Erin O'Halloran & Emma Troop


    St Antony's Yoga Society offers ashtanga and vinyasa flow classes on the college campus throughout the academic year. Classes are given by certified yoga instructors and are open to students of all levels. All College members are welcome.

    To find out more, please visit our Facebook page or email the society.

    The Attic

    Attic Labels

    The College and GCR offer students who are on courses longer than ONE YEAR the option to store belongings over the summer break. Look at the Terms and Conditions for details and make sure to attach a label to anything that is put in storage.

    Students storing items must also fill out this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ZSzAbSr7A02Y6OGLtFM95qj24xK0lRtxdWcaAte1YYQ/viewform

    The keeper of the attic position is currently unfilled. Please contact another member of the welfare team with urgent requests for information only.


    We get it! Oxford can be complicated... Here's who to go to when you encounter any sorts of issues.

    ...you need to talk or you're encountering issues in college

    The Peer Supporters, GCR VPs for Welfare, Liberation Officers, Junior Deans

    The Peer Supporters are there to provide a listening ear, whatever problems you may have. For more info, a list of our current Peer Supporters, their contacts and bios, see below!
    If you identify as a BME or LGBTQA+ student, you can also contact Peers of Colour or the Rainbow Peers for a chat (some of our Peer Supporters are part of these groups, so have a look below too!).

    The GCR Welfare Team is there to listen, provide guidance, and implement your suggestions. The VPs for Welfare (Emma Troop and Jiashun Huang) oversee the Welfare Team. Send them an email if you want to chat; alternatively, you can find them sporting pink welfare vests at BOPs or cutting cake every Sunday at 5pm in the Buttery for our weekly Tea&Cake.
    If you are a BME, LGBTQA+ student, or self-define as a woman, you may want to contact one of the Liberation Officers. The 2017 BME Officer is Gilbert Omware, assisted by David Fonseca and Trimaan Lamba. the LGBTQA+ Officers are Jen Hall and Persia Hayley.

    The 2016-2017 Junior Deans are Robert Hortle and Vanessa Meier. They can listen, provide you with advice and guidance, and relay your concerns or issues to the administration if you wish. Contact them at junior.deans@sant.ox.ac.uk or pop in during their office hours, on Fridays (advertised on the GCR Facebook Group).

    ...you're ill

    College Nurse & Doctor, Summertown Health Centre

    The College Nurse is available on a drop-in basis in the basement of the Hilda Besse, on:

    • Wednesday 3.45pm - 5.00pm
    • Thursday 2.00pm - 3.00pm
    • Fridays 2.15pm - 3.45pm

    The College Doctors are available by appointment (call or drop in the lodge to arrange one), also in the basement of the Hilda Besse, on:

    • Mondays 2.15pm - 3.15 pm
    • Fridays 2.15pm - 3.15 pm

    Outside term time or in case you need an emergency appointment, you can contact Summertown Health Centre, with which you registered at the beginning of the year. It is a short walk from the college, 10min North of Banbury Rd. To set up an appointment, call them at 01865515552 or contact them via their website.

    In case of emergency, call 111 (non-life threatening) or 999 (life-threatening).

    ...you're feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed

    Peer Supporters, GCR Welfare, Junior Deans, Counselling Services, College Doctor, the Nightline

    You're not alone!
    The Peer Supporters, VPs for Welfare, Liberation Officers and Junior Deans can all provide a listening ear and will be able to advise you on any issues you may have (see above).

    The University Counselling Service provides confidential, professional services for assistance with personal, emotional, social and academic problems. They are available by appointment; you can call them at 01865 270300.

    Oxford Student Mental Health Network provides training and workshops to support students and those who work with students. You can contact them at osmhn@brookes.ac.uk.

    The College Doctor (see above) will be able to provide you with medical advice, if needed.

    During the night (8pm-8am), the Oxford Nightline is there to listen - give them a call at 01865 270270.

    ...you need support for your disabilities, an extension, or special arrangements for your assignments

    The College Registrar, the Disability Advisory Services

    The College Registrar, Helen Etty is the first point of contact if you have queries about disabilities, exam arrangements and hardship funding.

    The Disability Advisory Services provide support to all students who register with them. They can be contacted via email at disability@admin.ox.ac.uk or you can call them at 01865 280459.

    ...you're encountering issues with your course, department, or supervisor

    Your College Advisor, the College's Senior Tutor

    Your College Advisor (whom you will have met at the beginning of the year) can provide you with advice regarding your work, course, or any issues you may encounter with your department.

    The Senior Tutor, Professor Doug Gollin, is available on Monday afternoons, 4-5.30pm, and can provide advice on any issues affecting academic work. Email him at senior.tutor@sant.ox.ac.uk to arrange an appointment.


    Peer Supporters are members of the student community that provide informal counselling and support to fellow students in the college. Whether it is issues with family, friends or partners, academic stress, or just personal dilemmas, however big or small, the Peer Supporters are there to hear you out and help you reflect back on your own thoughts and feelings, and guide you to additional support as the case may be.


    There are currently nine trained Peer Supporters at St Antony’s. All Peer Supporters have been trained to listen effectively, communicate sensitively, respect boundaries and above all, maintain confidentiality. During this training we practice our listening and communication skills, how to act in a crisis situation, and learn about the support networks around the university. In addition, every other week trained Peer Supporters attend an hour-long supervision meeting with a counsellor.

    To contact us, drop us a line at peer.supporters@sant.ox.ac.uk


    Within college, besides supporting individuals, the Peer Supporters run the very popular Cookie Fairy scheme and other termly events. We also have a partnership with the Green Templeton College Peer Supporters, you are very welcome to approach them and attend their weekly Welfare Tea & Cake!
    Contact person at GTC: madeline.nightingale@gtc.ox.ac.uk


    Peer Supporters from around the university also have come together to form:


    - Peers of Colour
    • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oxunipoc
    • Email: peersofcolour@admin.ox.ac.uk

    - Rainbow Peers
    • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rainbowpeers
    • Email: rainbowpeers@admin.ox.ac.uk

    Will Allen


    Will is a second-year DPhil in Politics, working on media and British public opinion towards immigration. He completed the MPhil in Development Studies in 2011 examining some of the economic and social challenges that exist at East African border crossings. Before starting the DPhil, he worked with several research centres, non-governmental organisations, and policy organisations in the US and around the UK. While at Oxford, he’s been involved in rowing, student welfare (including setting up peer support at another graduate college), and choral evensong music. In addition to any other issues that might arise, he is especially happy to provide support on topics relating to balancing work, study, and personal life; handling academic stress or supervisors; seeing more of Oxford and the UK; and LGBTQIA+ issues.

    Friederike Haberstroh


    I’m a second year MPhil student in Comparative Government researching asylum seeker policies in European Welfare States. I live in Cowley, but you’ll find me hanging around the St Antony’s library or at the DPIR. If you need a little escape or someone you can talk to, please let me know! I’ll be happy to lend an ear over a cup of tea or a walk in one of Oxford’s many green spaces.

    Jenny Hall

    I am a second year MPhil in Comparative Government in the DPIR. I am interested in politically marginalised groups, specifically LGBTQIA+ identities, and how the political process represents and promotes related policy change. I'm a world-class swiper in St Antony's dining hall, and also hold regular shifts (and recreational time) at St Ants college bar. I live and work in college so you can find me in and around the Hilda Besse and college library most days. I am a "Rainbow Peer" and so am available to support issues of identity and orientation relating to individuals, friends, or family members. I'm always up for a chat and/or coffee; so don't hesitate to get in touch!

    Cleopas Sambo

    I came to St. Antony’s in 2014 and immediately joined the Peer Support Team. I am reading for DPhil in Social Policy and my research focus is multidimensional poverty, more specifically, the much neglected relational and symbolic dimensions of poverty as a lived experience. I enjoy being a Peer Supporter. I like that I can add to a friendly St. Antony’s and be there for anyone who needs someone to talk to in an informal and non-overbearing fashion. Peer Supporters are not therapists but we have received extensive training in many different areas of psychosocial wellbeing. So, whether you just want someone to have a chat with, you struggle with feeling out of place or are having academic blues, drop me an email, a text or give me a call – I am ready to listen!

    Ibrahim Khan

    Hey! I'm currently pursuing an MSt in Islamic Studies and History, where I focus on medieval legal theory and political thought. You'll find me often at the Law Library or at the Oriental Institute, but I'm really happy to meet anywhere to talk about anything, over coffee or on a walk. I'm also a 'Peer of Color' which means that I offer support to issues related to race, ethnicity, religion, and all the other challenges that come with being a member of any minority group. Whether you're facing academic struggles, personal problems, or just want to chat, please do get in touch!

    Liliane Stadler

    Liliane is a DPhil student in History, researching the role of neutral states in international crisis management, following the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. She has moved to St. Antony's from Lady Margaret Hall in 2016, where she previously read for the MPhil in International Relations.

    Gilly Mroz

    I’m a first year DPhil student in Medieval and Modern Languages (Spanish and Russian), focusing on the reception of Cervantes in the works of Nikolai Gogol’, and more generally on authors who make me laugh! I’m originally from London and currently living in Marston, but often found working or hanging out in college or in town. In my spare time I enjoy travelling, cooking and sports, mainly swimming, rugby and Tang Soo Do, a Korean martial art. Despite my black belt, I’m super friendly and approachable, and welcome anyone who wants to chat about anything. I’m always up for a chat and a cup of tea, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

    GTC Peer Support





    Click on the photo to meet GTC's Peer Support officers!

    Cookie Fairy

    The cookie fairy is a seasonal mythical figure of the college. If one of your friends is feeling low or stressed you can always email the fairy to make sure they get a cookie to make things better! xoxo


    Tips and recommendations about Oxford student life and information about wellbeing, health and fun.


    Never miss an event!


  • Find some handy documents that can help you keep updated and informed about your GCR

    Financial Reports

    Reports are submitted every term


    As a GCR we believe that it is very important to work transparently in order to be accountable to the student body. Keep up to date with how much we spend and make. If you click here you can also see an infographic of our latest published finances.


    Our Constitution


    Our constitution regulates how we operate as a student organisation and outlines how we keep each other accountable and work transparently. The constitution also stipulates all the rules and regulations concerning GCR Meetings and the elections.


    How to File a Motion

    Deadlines for motions are 72h before a meeting


    Motions are the formal way in which we introduce new ideas or requests to the GCR. It is always good practice to talk to somebody in the Committee (preferably the secretary or chair) before the meeting. Please send any motions to the Secretary 72 hours before the meeting to gcr-secretary@sant.ox.ac.uk


    Room Reservations

    Forms must be submitted at least one week in advance


    Members of the GCR and student groups at St Antony's may reserve rooms in the college for events. Events require approval from the Domestic Bursar and other members of the college administration, as well as a member of the GCR executive. Please contact the Domestic Bursar or Accommodations Officer with further questions about the reservation process.



    Find out a bit more about the different clubs and societies you can join as a St Antony's Student

    Managing Editor Marco Moraes

    Contact: marco.moraes@sant.ox.ac.uk 

    Website: www.stairjournal.com


    The St Antony's International Review (STAIR) is the only peer-reviewed journal of international affairs at the University of Oxford.


    Set up by graduate students of St Antony's College in 2005, the Review has carved out a distinctive niche as a cross-disciplinary outlet for research on the most pressing contemporary global issues, providing a forum in which emerging scholars can publish their work alongside established academics and policymakers. Past contributors include Robert O. Keohane, James N. Rosenau, and Alfred Stepan.


    For information on how to get involved, email Marco Moraes at marco.moraes@sant.ox.ac.uk or visit www.stairjournal.com.

    St Antony's Rowing Club

    Contact: boatclub@sant.ox.ac.uk


    St Antony's Boat Club is the rowing club of St Antony's College, Oxford. For over 50 years, it has offered any member of the College the opportunity to learn how to row and compete at various University and external competitions. Beginners are just as welcome to the Club as experienced oarsmen, and the Boat Club has a proud record of success in different regattas throughout the year.

    Please visit the St Antony's Boat Club website or Facebook page for further information.


    Foxes Women's Football Team

    Co-Captains Hannah Leftheris and Alexandra Zeitz


    The Foxes are a football team composed of graduate women from St Cross, St Antony's, Wolfson, and Nuffield. We have an even mix of both new and experienced players - there are no try-outs or cuts! Our games are Saturday afternoons in Michaelmas and Hilary term, and we practice Tuesdays and Thursdays. Contact Kyle or Lyndsey (our co-captains) via the email addresses listed above to get involved. 


    Men's Football

    Ivaylo Iaydjiev, Captain

    Contact: ivaylo.iaydjiev@sant.ox.ac.uk


    Join the St Antony's men for practice, kickabouts, and football matches against other Oxford colleges!





    Antonian Brewing Society

    Evan Matsuyama, President

    Contact: evan.matsuyama@sant.ox.ac.uk


    St Antony's Brewing Society has officially reclaimed its former glory amongst Oxford University's premier student-run, beer brewing societies. The mission of the society is simple: brew beer and drink it. No elaboration is necessary.


    All St Antony’s beer lovers are welcome to join the society as members.


    The Global South Film Society

    Contact: maziyar.ghiabi@sant.ox.ac.uk


    The Global South Film Society is how St Antony’s would be in cinema: cosmopolitan, politically engaged, independent and collective. The only place in town and beyond where you can watch and discuss films from around the globe – from the Philippines to Iran, from Bogotà to Ramallah – with active participation, good company and freedom in its more unconventional guise. Established in Michaelmas term 2011, the GSFS is more and more involved in inter-disciplinary events, such as organising lectures and discussion roundtables.


    Everyone is welcome to join. To find out more, please visit our Facebook page.

    The Art Club at St Antony's College

    Founders: Christopher Sisca, Onaiza Drabu, and Emily Gong

    Contact: The Art Club Facebook page


    The Art Club is an open and inclusive space for creative and multi-disciplinary expression and exploration within the fine arts.

    Open to all students regardless of artistic ability and experience. The purpose is not only skill building in the visual arts but also an opportunity for student therapy and well-being during the stress of the academic terms.


    St Antony's Squash Squad (SASS)

    Founders: Joe Cash & Adam Pourahmadi



    Description coming soon!

    St Antony's Gardening Society

    Founders: Aries Poon



    Description coming soon!


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