The St Antony’s Graduate Common Room Committee is a democratically elected group of people who ensure the Graduate Common Room of the College runs efficiently and effectively.


    It is known that there were 7 students when St Antony’s opened its doors in 1950. From that day on St Antony’s attracted brilliant students from all over the world. As C.S. Nicholls (2000) has pointed out in her History of St Antony’s College Oxford, 1950-2000:
    For many students the college was a fascinating mixture of cosmopolitanism and 1950s Britishness. British students, in particular, were struck by the number of foreigners, especially Frenchmen. In 1953 seven students were French and seven British; together they comprised half the college’s resident student body. Of the others three each came from Belgium, Israel, Germany and the United States; while Canada, Czechoslovakia, Iraq, Italy and South Africa were all represented by one student [220-1].
    Nowadays, this is even more true since St. Antony’s College is the most cosmopolitan of the seven graduate colleges of the University of Oxford! And, from the creation of a common room in 1964 to today, successive GCR committees have always shown the same motivation to represent as good as possible the diversity and the multiculturalism of their members through a series of ideas and initiatives, and a number of traditions and events, which have transformed not only the GCR but the entire College.


    Welcome to the St. Antony’s GCR website! I’m absolutely honoured to have been elected GCR President for the coming academic year. Our website is a space where you can find information on different aspects of student life, ranging from events we organize, restaurant recommendations around college, and whom to contact for specific concerns. We hope this information is useful for prospective and current students, and members of other colleges keen to collaborate with us. If you have something on your mind and cannot find the information here, please reach out to us via email and we promise to help! 


    St. Antony’s takes pride in its diverse student population, a strength of ours that we try not to take for granted. Instead, we believe that it needs to be engaged with in consent workshops, BME workshops, and mental health awareness events. The GCR is committed to creating and maintaining safe and inclusive spaces for college members. We wish to keep these spaces vibrant and fun by organizing exciting BOPs, picnics, karaoke nights, and other fun events! The warm, welcoming, and fun spirit of the college can only be sustained with the active support and engagement of the student community. The renovation of the Hilda Besse building might prove to be a challenging experience for students but we hope that the interesting events we have lined up for this year will make up for college campus looking slightly different in the academic year 2019-2020. To incoming students, it’s all going to be alright! 


    Incoming students are also encouraged to join our GCR Facebook group- https://www.facebook.com/groups/250372427395/


    If you have any ideas, concerns, or doubts- contact me on gcr-president@sant.ox.ac.uk



    Best wishes, 
    Nainika Dinesh 


    Nainika Dinesh

    Hello hello! Welcome to St. Antony’s.

    I’m reading for an MPhil in Modern South Asian Studies and am currently researching missionary experiences in 19th century India while consuming exorbitant amounts of coffee and chocolate. I’ve spent the last year in St. Antony’s building friendships and talking about student experiences. I hope that you enjoy the warm, friendly space at St. Antony’s. Feel free to reach out to me with any concerns you may have. The GCR is committed to making your time at St. Antony’s as comfortable and memorable as possible! Also get in touch if you’d like to casually chat about your time here or if you share a passion for dance (I’m in desperate need of a dance buddy).


    Batool Abid

    Hello! Welcome to St. Antony’s College! It is one of the most diverse colleges in Oxford and I’m sure you will learn to appreciate that over the course of the year. I’m currently a second-year MPhil candidate in Development Studies and my research is focused on development-induced displacement in Pakistan. As GCR Secretary I will be the one flooding your inbox on a weekly basis so keep an eye out to find out what is happening around college! Also, I can understand how daunting academic and social life at Oxford can be so please feel free to reach out!

    Barbara Roggeveen

    I am a first-year MPhil candidate in Russian and East European Studies. As treasurer I’m responsible for overseeing the GCR budget and distributing the Clubs and Societies Funding within St Antony’s College. Please feel free to reach out to discuss any ideas you might have to make academic and social life at St Antony’s even better!

    Sam Ramani

    Academic Team

    Co-VP Academic


    I'm a second year DPhil candidate in International Relations focusing on contemporary Russian foreign policy. My research focuses on Russia's increased willingness to use force in response to popular revolutions and examines the drivers of Kremlin decision-making in Syria and Ukraine. I co-organized a major conference on Russian foreign policy last year with my fellow VP Academic Nicole Grajewski, which taught us both a lot about how fulfilling it is to be actively engaged in the academic life of this college. As VP Academic, I want to provide forums for Antonians, new and old, to showcase their fascinating research interests, and benefit from the insights of the stellar range of faculty and fellows who are affiliated with our great college.

    Daniel Waqar

    Academic Team

    Co-VP Academic


    Daniel was born and raised in United States to Pakistani immigrant parents and is currently reading for an MPhil in Modern South Asian Studies. He is currently Managing Editor of the St. Antony’s International Review, Oxford’s only student-run, peer-reviewed, academic journal of international affairs. Please get in touch with him regarding any academic groups or events you’d like to host with St. Antony’s..

    Kate Samuelson

    Academic Team

    C0-Director of Research Exchange


    Kate is a second-year MPhil in Comparative Social Policy. She is excited to help Antonians connect with each other, find research mentors, and get ideas out through fun, relevant platforms. Feel free to reach out to her with any research-related questions!

    Mia Haas-Goldberg

    Academic Team

    Co-Director of Research Exchange


    Coming Soon!

    Achille Versaevel

    Academic Team

    Co-Director of Global Languages



    Karen Waserstein

    Academic Team

    Co-Alumni Relations Officer


    Hi! I’m Karen from Uruguay. I am reading for an MPhil in Russian and East European Studies. If you want to participate in the Language Immersion Nights in any capacity please contact me or Achille!

    Linda Slapakova

    Academic Team

    Alumni Development Officer


    Linda is a second year MPhil student in International Relations and is currently serving as the Alumni Development Officer. She is the Managing Editor of the St Antony’s International Review and generally excited about all things academic at St Antony’s (and everything else at the best college in Oxford). If you are an alumni or have any alumni-related issues to raise, please get in touch via linda.slapakova@sant.ox.ac.uk

    Gloria Boeri

    Academic Team

    OUSU Officer



    Gloria is a DPhil student in History of Art. As the college's OUSU officer, she facilitates the communication between St. Antony's and the Student Union in order to foster a safe, inclusive, and aware community. Don't hesitate to get in touch with her regarding any ideas, concerns, or if you want to get involved in OUSU!

    Yang Han

    Welfare Team

    Co-VP Welfare


    Hey there! I am a first year DPhil student in International Relations. Academically, I focus on the gendered inter-state relations, especially the intersections of gender, race and class in the case of war. I am particularly curious about how states narrate their war stories through a gendered logic and the effects of such. I am native Beijinger of Korean heritage. Please reach out in person or via FB on whatever matters you want to discuss with me.

    George Carew-Jones

    Jannis Hussain

    Hi! We are George and Jannis, you're LGBTQ+ Reps for this year. Our job is to make the time of LGBTQ+ students at Antony's as good as possible, so look out for any of our events! If you ever want to chat about anything then always feel free to contact us by email or on Facebook, we'd be delighted to talk.

    Aftab Mallick

    Welfare Team

    BME Officer


    Coming Soon!

    Nia Clark

    Johanna Wetzel

    Welfare Team

    Social Responsibility Officers



    Hey, we are Nia and Johanna, responsible for spending this year’s college charity fund responsibly and always keen for input! Johanna is a second-year MPhil in Development Studies and Nia ….. Reach out if you’ve got ideas for us!

    Rahul Daryanani

    Welfare Team

    Disability Officer


    Coming Soon!

    Lena Reim

    Welfare Team

    Co-Sports Officer


    Coming Soon!

    Ollie Ballinger

    Welfare Team

    Co-Sports Officer


    Coming Soon!

    Susan Degnan

    Welfare Team

    C0-VP Welfare


    Susan is an MPhil student studying Visual, Material, and Museum Anthropology. As Welfare Secretary, her role is mostly support to the VPs. She’ll be facilitating informal mindfulness meditation courses here - drop her a line any time with comments/questions/concerns - she’s open to any requests or new ideas!

    Emma Rimpilainen

    Welfare Team

    Staff-Student Liaison Officer


    Emma is keen to build relations between the students and support staff at St Antony’s and to make sure our staff receives the fair treatment they deserve. She is on fieldwork for the academic year 2018-2019 but you can always contact her via email or Facebook!

    Margot Grubert

    Welfare Team

    Co-Women's Officer


    Coming Soon!

    Greta Hoaken

    Welfare Team

    Co-Women's Officer



    Coming Soon!

    Carina Uchida

    Welfare Team

    Co-Women's Officer



    Carina is an MSc Candidate in Latin American Studies from Brazil. She is excited to be working alongside amazing Women Officers for the upcoming year! You can find me (procrastinating) at the late bar, so come by with any concerns, ideas or just to say hi!

    Kate Yoon

    Welfare Team

    Co-Women's Officer



    Coming Soon!

    Dominic Gerhartz

    Social Team

    Co-VP Social



    Dominic is a second-year MPhil student in Modern Middle Eastern Studies. Make sure to drop him a line on any exciting ideas you have about social life at St Antony’s! Also, please do check out our Term Card to see what we’ve got planned for you as Social Team.

    Kateryna Marina

    Social Team

    Co-VP Social



    Katrina (or Kat in short) is a first-year student, reading for an MPhil in Russian and East European Studies. Kat is really looking forward to seeing you all at our socials, and if you have any suggestions for future events, we would love to hear from you!

    Boro Nguyen

    Social Team

    Co-Social Secretary for Formal Dinners



    Boro is a second-year student reading for an MPhil in International Relations. He is often found either at Blackwell’s hunting down all of its 3-for-2 deals, at University Parks running and looking half dead, or at the dining hall complaining about the potatoes. The only reason he is in charge of formal dinners is because he is already there all the time.

    Priscilla Otero

    Social Team

    Co-Social Secretary



    Priscilla, from Florida in the United States, is an MPhil student in Latin American Studies. She loves history, politics, and film. As social secretary, she focuses on media (fb) outreach and is excited to work with the social team in building the strong community at St.Antony's college.

    Ayesha Oaisrani

    Social Team

    Co-Social Secretary



    Ayesha is from Pakistan and trying to find a work (study)-life balance while doing her MSc in Migration Studies at Oxford.

    Katherine Tredinnick

    Social Team

    Co-Social Secretary



    Katherine, from South Africa, is an MSc student in Evidence-Based Social Intervention and Policy Evaluation. She is looking forward to working with the Social Team to bring some exciting social events to the St Antony’s community.

    Vita Spivak

    Social Team

    Co-Social Secretary



    Coming Soon!

    David Paterson

    Social Team

    Social Secretary for the Ball



    Coming Soon!

    Jonathan Madison

    Hi, I am a first year DPhil in History. I am studying the development of Democratic Citizenship in Brazil and the United States. I love to discuss politics and sports. My job is to be an independent voice on the GCR so please feel free to reach out!

    Fudie Zhao

    Hello Antonians! This is Fudie from China (Chengdu if you happen to be familiar with Chinese geography) and DPhil candidate in Oriental Studies specialised in using digital methods to study East Asia history. I am currently maintaining this website. So if you encounter any technical issue when visiting our website or have any suggestion to improve it, please feel free to email me!

    Federico Bonomi

    Co-Alumni Relations Officer



    Federico is studying European Politics and Society. He is interested in European integration and governance of the EU. As alumni relations officer, he is strongly committed to foster the relations between the current students and the alumni community and he thinks that the College can thrive through strong intergenerational connections.


  • Follow what the VP Academic has in store for you this term!

    Research Exchange Network

    Group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1015302781848566/


    Join the St Antony’s Research Exchange Network! Describe your research interests in a few keywords, find out what other people are doing, and get in touch! Find the group here.


    This initiative is intended to make it easier for St Antony’s students to find peers working on similar topics, but from different disciplinary or regional perspectives. While it is easy for most of us to find our academic peers who are working on the same region (at the area studies centres), it is more difficult to find peers working on the same topic, but in a different regional context or discipline, and exchange thoughts with them. This forum is intended to facilitate making connections with your ‘thematic peers’. The idea is that you post a few keywords on what you are doing research on in the group, so that others doing research on the same topic can find you and get in touch.


    The Facebook group is meant to gauge interest for the initiative, so for now, it is meant to connect you to your peers, so you can have discuss your work over a coffee or beer at St Antony’s Café or Late Bar. We encourage you to use the forum as a way to set up panels for St Antony’s Interdisciplinary Graduate Research Conference on May 5th.

    Stay tuned for more information!


    Language Immersion Nights

    Mondays Weeks 1-8, 8pm-9pm

    St Antony's Late Bar


    Group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1383370801984380/


    Practice your language skills with your peers in the informal setting of the St Antony's Late Bar! Gain proficiency in one of the languages offered by our student volunteers who are native or near-native speakers.

    How does it work? Simply respond to the weekly polls posted on this Facebook group every week, indicating the language you want to practice, or adding the language you want to offer.


    Please get in touch with Kishan Patel, the GCR Director of Global Languages, via kishan.patel@sant.ox.ac.uk if you have any questions.


  • Formal Dinners

    We host 3 formals at St Antony's and have 3 exchange dinners with other Colleges each term!

    Formal Dinners, 6.30pm at the CCR and Exchange Dinners, 6pm at the Porter's Lodge.


    Formal Dinners have a special place in academic and social life at Oxford taking on lots of different forms across colleges. Our Formal Hall is student-run and we try to make it a fun and fancy night out several times a term. It is a fantastic chance to dress up and enjoy the company of fellow Antonians, your guests and members from visiting colleges over an exquisite dinner with wine, music and a whole new air to the Hall. The evening usually begins with a champagne reception in the CCR and ends in our beloved Late Bar.


    Exchange dinners with other Colleges have a long tradition at Oxford that we foster by inviting other Colleges to our Formal Halls and visiting them for a dinner in return. It is a great way to meet members of other Colleges in a more intimate setting, visit their dining halls and spend a lovely evening together.



    Hilda Besse Building, 9pm


    "BOP"s ("party" - one of those Oxford words) are definitely the biggest social events we have at St. Antony's and normally take place twice a term. Basically consisting of lots of dancing and drinks, we often pair up with Oxford University societies to offer particular themed BOPs.

    Organising Events

    GCR Event Booking Form (for student groups)


    If you have any idea for an event, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Social VPs - we would love to hear from you! :-) There is a planning procedure in place, and we will make sure you receive all the support you need to get your event up and running as soon as possible!


    The above form will help you with the process of planning an event at St Antony’s.


  • Keep up to date with what you can do to maintain a healthy body and healthy mind

    Welfare Tea & Cake

    Sunday afternoons, 4pm, Buttery

    Come along and take a break from your studies with some afternoon tea. Grab a nice hot cuppa', a biscuit (or two, or three, or ten...) and unwind with your fellow Antonians.



    Open 24h for students - £25/year

    We have gym on-site which can be kept clean and updated thanks to the contributions of students. We aim to have users pay £15 a year by signing up with this form and the fee will be included in their next Battels statement. You will also need to have completed a safety induction and have certification on file with the Accommodations Office.

    Please contact the GCR Treasurer (gcr-treasurer@sant.ox.ac.uk) for further information about gym membership.


    Erin O'Halloran & Emma Troop


    St Antony's Yoga Society offers ashtanga and vinyasa flow classes on the college campus throughout the academic year. Classes are given by certified yoga instructors and are open to students of all levels. All College members are welcome.

    To find out more, please visit our Facebook page or email the society.


    We get it! Oxford can be complicated... Here's who to go to when you encounter any sorts of issues.

    ...you need to talk or you're encountering issues in college

    The Peer Supporters, GCR VPs for Welfare, Liberation Officers, Junior Deans

    The Peer Supporters are there to provide a listening ear, whatever problems you may have. For more info, a list of our current Peer Supporters, their contacts and bios, see below!
    If you identify as a BME or LGBTQA+ student, you can also contact Peers of Colour or the Rainbow Peers for a chat (some of our Peer Supporters are part of these groups, so have a look below too!).

    The GCR Welfare Team is there to listen, provide guidance, and implement your suggestions. The VPs for Welfare (Susan Degnan and Yang Han) oversee the Welfare Team. Send them an email if you want to chat; alternatively, you can find them sporting pink welfare vests at BOPs or cutting cake every Sunday at 4 pm in the Buttery for our weekly Tea&Cake.

    If you are a BME, LGBTQA+ student, or self-define as a woman, you may want to contact one of the Liberation Officers. The 2018 BME Officer is Aftab Mallick, the LGBTQA+ Officers are George Carew-Jones and Jannis Hussain, and the Women's Officers are Kate Yoon, Carina Uchida, Greta Hoaken, and Margot Grubert.

    The 2017-2018 Junior Deans are Katie Hoeger and Andrés Noé. They can listen, provide you with advice and guidance, and relay your concerns or issues to the administration if you wish. Contact them at junior.deans@sant.ox.ac.uk or pop in during their office hours, (advertised on the GCR Facebook Group).

    ...you're ill

    College Nurse & Doctor, Summertown Health Centre

    The College Nurse is available on a drop-in basis in the basement of the Hilda Besse, on:

    • Wednesday 3.45pm - 5.00pm
    • Thursday 2.00pm - 3.00pm
    • Fridays 2.15pm - 3.45pm

    The College Doctors are available by appointment (call or drop in the lodge to arrange one), also in the basement of the Hilda Besse, on:

    • Mondays 2.15pm - 3.15 pm
    • Fridays 2.15pm - 3.15 pm

    Outside term time or in case you need an emergency appointment, you can contact Summertown Health Centre, with which you registered at the beginning of the year. It is a short walk from the college, 10min North of Banbury Rd. To set up an appointment, call them at 01865515552 or contact them via their website.

    In case of emergency, call 111 (non-life threatening) or 999 (life-threatening).

    ...you're feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed

    Peer Supporters, GCR Welfare, Junior Deans, Counselling Services, College Doctor, the Nightline

    You're not alone!
    The Peer Supporters, VPs for Welfare, Liberation Officers and Junior Deans can all provide a listening ear and will be able to advise you on any issues you may have (see above).

    The University Counselling Service provides confidential, professional services for assistance with personal, emotional, social and academic problems. They are available by appointment; you can call them at 01865 270300.

    Oxford Student Mental Health Network provides training and workshops to support students and those who work with students. You can contact them at osmhn@brookes.ac.uk.

    The College Doctor (see above) will be able to provide you with medical advice, if needed.

    During the night (8pm-8am), the Oxford Nightline is there to listen - give them a call at 01865 270270.

    ...you need support for your disabilities, an extension, or special arrangements for your assignments

    The College Registrar, the Disability Advisory Services

    The College Registrar, Filiz McNamara is the first point of contact if you have queries about disabilities, exam arrangements and hardship funding.

    The Disability Advisory Services provide support to all students who register with them. They can be contacted via email at disability@admin.ox.ac.uk or you can call them at 01865 280459.

    ...you're encountering issues with your course, department, or supervisor

    Your College Advisor, the College's Senior Tutor

    Your College Advisor (whom you will have met at the beginning of the year) can provide you with advice regarding your work, course, or any issues you may encounter with your department.

    The Senior Tutor, Ian Neary, is available on Monday afternoons, 4-5.30pm, and can provide advice on any issues affecting academic work. Email him at senior.tutor@sant.ox.ac.uk to arrange an appointment.


    Peer Supporters are members of the student community that provide informal counselling and support to fellow students in the college. Whether it is issues with family, friends or partners, academic stress, or just personal dilemmas, however big or small, the Peer Supporters are there to hear you out and help you reflect back on your own thoughts and feelings, and guide you to additional support as the case may be.


    There are currently nine trained Peer Supporters at St Antony’s. All Peer Supporters have been trained to listen effectively, communicate sensitively, respect boundaries and above all, maintain confidentiality. During this training we practice our listening and communication skills, how to act in a crisis situation, and learn about the support networks around the university. In addition, every other week trained Peer Supporters attend an hour-long supervision meeting with a counsellor.

    To contact us, drop us a line at peer.supporters@sant.ox.ac.uk


    Within college, besides supporting individuals, the Peer Supporters run the very popular Cookie Fairy scheme and other termly events. We also have a partnership with the Green Templeton College Peer Supporters, you are very welcome to approach them and attend their weekly Welfare Tea & Cake!
    Contact person at GTC: madeline.nightingale@gtc.ox.ac.uk


    Peer Supporters from around the university also have come together to form:


    - Peers of Colour
    • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oxunipoc
    • Email: peersofcolour@admin.ox.ac.uk

    - Rainbow Peers
    • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rainbowpeers
    • Email: rainbowpeers@admin.ox.ac.uk

    Liliane Stadler

    Liliane is a DPhil student in History, researching the role of neutral states in international crisis management, following the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. She has moved to St. Antony's from Lady Margaret Hall in 2016, where she previously read for the MPhil in International Relations.

    Cookie Fairy

    The cookie fairy is a seasonal mythical figure of the college. If one of your friends is feeling low or stressed you can always email the fairy to make sure they get a cookie to make things better! xoxo


    Tips and recommendations about Oxford student life and information about wellbeing, health and fun.

    5 mars, 2015
    When in Oxford... Sometimes people think that Oxford and Cambridge are very similar, however there is a big difference between these two university towns: PUBS. Oxford is famous for its pubs and some of the academic culture can revolve around visiting the range of quaint and historical buildings...
    17 février, 2015
    What is North Parade?! “North Parade has been described as one of the most interesting little streets in Oxford.” In actual fact this street just behind St Antony’s is so much better than this tepid little line on Wikipedia gives credit. North Parade is the reason that six days out of every...
    4 février, 2015
    Sometimes it can get a difficult to study in the same place day after day. Here is a list of some libraries to help you broaden your study space horizons and explore one of the best bits of Oxford! Happy studying! Some ideas for new places to study: Codrington Library – All Souls’ library...
    28 janvier, 2015
    What is it? OUSU stands for Oxford University Students' Union and it exists thanks to the 1994 Education Act which guaranteed that students' rights and interests could be represented to their Universities and the national government. In their own words:  We are represented in the OUSU council...
    Summertown Surgery Ideally all St Antony's students living on site will be registered with Summertown Surgery. Students normally do this during the first weeks of Michelmas Term, but if you missed it you can always walk to the surgery and register. You always need both proof of address and...
    More Posts

    Never miss an event!


  • Find some handy documents that can help you keep updated and informed about your GCR

    Our Constitution


    Our constitution regulates how we operate as a student organisation and outlines how we keep each other accountable and work transparently. The constitution also stipulates all the rules and regulations concerning GCR Meetings and the elections.


    How to File a Motion

    Deadlines for motions are 72h before a meeting


    Motions are the formal way in which we introduce new ideas or requests to the GCR. It is always good practice to talk to somebody in the Committee (preferably the secretary or chair) before the meeting. Please send any motions to the Secretary 72 hours before the meeting to gcr-secretary@sant.ox.ac.uk


    Room Reservations

    Forms must be submitted at least one week in advance


    Members of the GCR and student groups at St Antony's may reserve rooms in the college for events. Events require approval from the Domestic Bursar and other members of the college administration, as well as a member of the GCR executive. Please contact the Domestic Bursar or Accommodations Officer with further questions about the reservation process.


    Storage Information for Students

    St. Antony’s College offers lockers with combination locks (W490mm, D485mm, H880 mm) which are kept in the attic, with racking facilities for bigger boxes. To receive a locker, students must sign a document stating the time period during which they need the locker. Items not picked up from the lockers after one calendar year will be thrown out.


    If college lockers are not suitable for all your storage needs, here are some trusted companies that students have used in the past:


    1. Lovespace: This company received the most amount of recommendations from Antonians. They offer a service that picks up boxes from college, stores them for the specific period and then delivers them at your request. You can request a quote on their website and are one of the most affordable options for students. They operate all over the UK! https://lovespace.co.uk/blogs/student-moving-guide/
    2. Magenta: Magenta is based in Oxford and offers special discounts before summer. Magenta offers a padlock with the lockers so you don’t have to worry about how secure your stored items are. You can also request a quote on their website. https://www.magentastorage.co.uk/storage/student/

    Find out a bit more about the different clubs and societies you can join as a St Antony's Student

    Managing Editor Marco Moraes

    Contact: marco.moraes@sant.ox.ac.uk 

    Website: www.stairjournal.com


    The St Antony's International Review (STAIR) is the only peer-reviewed journal of international affairs at the University of Oxford.


    Set up by graduate students of St Antony's College in 2005, the Review has carved out a distinctive niche as a cross-disciplinary outlet for research on the most pressing contemporary global issues, providing a forum in which emerging scholars can publish their work alongside established academics and policymakers. Past contributors include Robert O. Keohane, James N. Rosenau, and Alfred Stepan.


    For information on how to get involved, email Marco Moraes at marco.moraes@sant.ox.ac.uk or visit www.stairjournal.com.

    St Antony's Rowing Club

    Contact: boatclub@sant.ox.ac.uk


    St Antony's Boat Club is the rowing club of St Antony's College, Oxford. For over 50 years, it has offered any member of the College the opportunity to learn how to row and compete at various University and external competitions. Beginners are just as welcome to the Club as experienced oarsmen, and the Boat Club has a proud record of success in different regattas throughout the year.

    Please visit the St Antony's Boat Club website or Facebook page for further information.


    Foxes Women's Football Team

    Co-Captains Hannah Leftheris and Alexandra Zeitz


    The Foxes are a football team composed of graduate women from St Cross, St Antony's, Wolfson, and Nuffield. We have an even mix of both new and experienced players - there are no try-outs or cuts! Our games are Saturday afternoons in Michaelmas and Hilary term, and we practice Tuesdays and Thursdays. Contact Kyle or Lyndsey (our co-captains) via the email addresses listed above to get involved. 


    Men's Football

    Ivaylo Iaydjiev, Captain

    Contact: ivaylo.iaydjiev@sant.ox.ac.uk


    Join the St Antony's men for practice, kickabouts, and football matches against other Oxford colleges!





    Antonian Brewing Society

    Evan Matsuyama, President

    Contact: evan.matsuyama@sant.ox.ac.uk


    St Antony's Brewing Society has officially reclaimed its former glory amongst Oxford University's premier student-run, beer brewing societies. The mission of the society is simple: brew beer and drink it. No elaboration is necessary.


    All St Antony’s beer lovers are welcome to join the society as members.


    The Global South Film Society

    Contact: maziyar.ghiabi@sant.ox.ac.uk


    The Global South Film Society is how St Antony’s would be in cinema: cosmopolitan, politically engaged, independent and collective. The only place in town and beyond where you can watch and discuss films from around the globe – from the Philippines to Iran, from Bogotà to Ramallah – with active participation, good company and freedom in its more unconventional guise. Established in Michaelmas term 2011, the GSFS is more and more involved in inter-disciplinary events, such as organising lectures and discussion roundtables.


    Everyone is welcome to join. To find out more, please visit our Facebook page.

    The Art Club at St Antony's College

    Founders: Christopher Sisca, Onaiza Drabu, and Emily Gong

    Contact: The Art Club Facebook page


    The Art Club is an open and inclusive space for creative and multi-disciplinary expression and exploration within the fine arts.

    Open to all students regardless of artistic ability and experience. The purpose is not only skill building in the visual arts but also an opportunity for student therapy and well-being during the stress of the academic terms.


    St Antony's Squash Squad (SASS)

    Founders: Joe Cash & Adam Pourahmadi



    Description coming soon!

    St Antony's Gardening Society

    Founders: Aries Poon

    The St Antony’s Gardening Society meets every Sunday (weather permitting) in our small plot just behind the Church Walk houses. We grow a number of different fruits and vegetables as well as flowers and herbs. We also help students grow indoor plants providing pots, soil and seeds/bulbs. Everyone is welcome and there is no membership fee.

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