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Oxford Libraries

Hidden gems where you can study...

Sometimes it can get a difficult to study in the same place day after day. Here is a list of some libraries to help you broaden your study space horizons and explore one of the best bits of Oxford! Happy studying!

Some ideas for new places to study:

  • Codrington Library – All Souls’ library and one of Oxford’s best kept secrets; stunning, stately, and beyond pretentious… oozes Oxford.
  • Radcliffe Camera – Oxfordshire’s roundest library; always crammed with undergads, but the upper camera is a very lovely place to study.
  • Taylorian – beautiful, but also frequently crowded so arrive early for a window seat or one of the cool desks on the mezzanine
  • RAI (Vere Harmsworth Library at the Rothermere American Institute) – light and airy and never too crowded! A very clean and modern space.
  • Oxford Union Library – Has some of the best examples of pre-Raphaelite art and is famous for its rare central marble fireplace; looks like it belongs in a Downton Abbey episode.
  • Duke Humfrey’s Library– the Bodleian’s pièce de resistance; this beautiful wood-paneled library, housed above the Divinity school, and contains the three remaining original books of Duke Humfrey’s collection; this library is a nice change of scene from the rest of the soviet-style Bod.
  • Philosophy and Theology Faculties Library – inside the newly renovated Radcliffe Humanities building and conveniently located.
  • Commonwealth and African Collections Library (inside the Rhodes House) – petite, cute library inside the beautiful and grand green-domed Rhodes House. 
  •  The Gulb – Our college’s very own Gulbenkian Room beneath the library: what it lacks in style, it makes up for in hardworking, stressed out fellow Antonians.
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